Board of Directors

  • Dr. Abhilash KS

    Founder & Managing Director

    Dr. Abhilash. KS is a distinguished professional known for his academic prowess and strategic leadership....

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  • Dr. Aswathy Abhilash

    Co-Founder & Director Finance

    Dr. Aswathy is a highly accomplished professional with a unique blend of academic expertise and...

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  • Dr. Shijin Kumar P S

    Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Dr. Shijin's expertise in guiding doctoral candidates through the intricate process of thesis development...

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Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Dharun V.S

Principal,  Immanual Arasar JJ College of Engineering 

Director (Operations), EduCorp

Prof. Asha Panicker

Chief Accreditation Consultant, EduCorp

Prof. L.A. Anto Gracious

Assistant Professor, CSE

St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering.

Technical Advisor (EduCorp)

Dr. Nisam Rahman. A

Chairman, Innovation Research Society Director (Research), ICCS College of Engineering

Dr. Chacko Preno Koshy

Associate Professor, 

Department of Mechanical Engineering Saintgits College of Engineering

Director Operations Educorp Phd Assistance
Dr Sreekanth S

Assistant HOD, EEE, Trinity College of Engineering

Technical Advisor (EduCorp), Director Bestowal Infotechs

Dr. A. Nallathambi

Associate Professor (ECE) 

Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology and Management

Team Members

Archana P

Senior Research Associate

Vidya RK

Senior Research Associate

Akhila Ashok J

Senior Research Associate

Divya Rajan

Senior Research Associate

Emy Barnabas

Research Associate

Gayathri VS

Research Associate


Client Acquisition Manager