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In case you need a thesis topic within a day or two, then also you don’t need to get worried. Instead of following our entire process in detail, we fast forward the work. We have a ready list of topics for reference from a wide gamut of subjects, and you can pick up any of them, depending on your interest. Our team providing PhD thesis topic selection services do a quick viability test and get the topic approved from your thesis supervisor. 

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EduCorp Research foundation is your one-point solution for achieving excellence in research. Since 2011, EduCorp has been committed in making a difference in the lives of academic research scholars from different educational backgrounds. As the leading Research Foundation in India, giving research scholars an opportunity to reach their fullest potential through our valuable research assistance.

At EduCorp, we believe that your little monetary contribution can go a really long way in improving the possibilities of your innovative thinking. By providing scholars in need with our generous team support, we will transform their paths and steer them toward a better future in their carrier.

Founded in 2011, we have been committed to transforming the knowledge of research scholars to a new level of experience for many years.  EduCorp inspires action, serves donors and supports communities. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of humanity.

As the trusted Research Foundation in India, we provide long-term solutions and benefits for those who may need assistance in pursuing their dreams. At EduCorp, we are inspired each day by the work we do, and feel such a sense of accomplishment with each success story that comes from past or present recipients. Sometimes, the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem and we want to be the center stage of their success.

With us you can attain best literature sources, choose appropriate methodology, create a great research design, do flawless data analysis, write an impressive synopsis and also draft a research paper worthy of impact factor journals. We ensure that the client research information includeall the client requirements are solved. Once the full work is attained successfully, the client total information traces will be segregated and eliminated.

Our organization guaranteed that the copyright of the client work will not be reused/misused by the organization professionals.

EduCorp has unique core values towards the dedication, quality, hardworking and more on client satisfaction. We believe in our vision that our emerging technical advances and focus make our mission a reality.

Note: Author biography, concept, data, software/application codes, hard and soft copies of research manuscripts and each related information related to the research will be kept confidential and strictly handled only for the organization internal work purposes. 

Who we are ?

At   EduCorp  Research foundation,  we  introduce you  to  a team of  experienced professionals well versed  in  the  intricacies  of the research process, who  then  work  with  you  in  an  intensive,    fast collaboration to ensure that you  successfully complete your PhD on time.

Our technical experts  can speak  with you as soon as  you  would  like,  as often as you ask for and for as  long as   you  would  like.     We  will   guide  you through  your  research journey and  drive  you   to achieve  your  PhD  completion  dream.  We   help scholars  with  all stages of the  PhD process,  from the initial consulting to the final thesis preparation and so on.

Disciplines which We Provide Research Solutions

  1.  Aerospace Engineering
  2. Automotive Engineering
  3. Aeronautical Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Agricultural Engineering
  7. Chassis Engineering
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Architecture & Planning
  10. Computer Engineering
  11. Engineering Chemistry
  12. Bio mechanical& Biomedical Engineering
  13. Food Engineering
  14. Forestry Engineering
  15. Biological & Bio system Engineering
  16. Gas Engineering
  17. Geological Engineering
  18. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  19. Marine Engineering
  20. Industrial Engineering
  21. Environment Engineering
  22. Nanotechnology
  23. Information Technology
  24. Forensic Science and Technology
  25. Nuclear Engineering
  26. Mechanical Engineering
  27. Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering
  28. Rubber Technology
  29. Petroleum Engineering
  30. Naval Architectural Engineering
  31. Textile Engineering
  32. Structural Engineering
  33. Water Resource Engineering
  34. Chemical Engineering
  35. Civil Engineering
  36. Computer Engineering
  37. Electrical Engineering
  38. Environment Engineering
  39. EC Engineering
  40. Environment Engineering
  41. Food Engineering
  42. Applied Science
  43. Oil Engineering
  44. Petroleum Engineering
  45. Software Engineering
  46. System Engineering
  47. Mining Engineering
  48. Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering
  49. Mechanical Engineering
  50. Materials Engineering
  51. Manufacturing Engineering
  52. Industrial Engineering
  53. Geological Engineering
  54. Engineering Maths   
  55. Artificial Intelligence
  56. Blockchain Technology
  57. Brain-Computer Interface
  58. Cloud Computing
  59. Deep Learning
  60. Embedded Systems


  1. Accounting & Financing

  2. Business & Organizational Research

  3. Business Education

  4. Business Ethics & Law

  5. Business Information Systems

  6. Business Intelligence

  7. Organizational Behavior

  8. Conflict and negotiation

  9. Decision making

  10. Leadership

  11. Motivation

  12. Stress and well-being

  13. Human Resource Management

  14. Career development

  15. International human resource management

  16. Job analysis and design

  17. Training and development

  18. Finance

  19. Corporate Finance

  20. International Finance

  21. Financial Intermediation

  22. Financial Markets

  23. Behavioural Finance

  24. Empirical Investments

  25. Theoretical Asset Pricing

  26. Marketing

  27. Consumer Behaviour

  28. Sales

  29. Advertising

  30. Pricing

  31. Marketing analytics

  32. Distribution

  33. Consumer Anxiety

  34. Customer-Centric Human Services

  35. Data Breaches

  36. Demographic Pressure on Economy

  37. Digitization of Services

  38. Disruptive Technology

  39. E-Commerce

  40. Fashion Studies

  41. Flatter Organizations

  42. Gender Discrimination

  43. Gender Economics & Consumption

  44. Global Branding

  45. Global Business

  46. Global Labor Standards

  47. Global Mobility

  48. Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism Management

  49. Management Science

  50. Marketing

  51. Mass Customization

  52. Micro-Enterprises

  53. Micro-Entrepreneurship

  54. Negotiation Tactics

  55. Operations & Service Management

  56. Business Environment and Corporate Responsibility

  57. Entrepreneurship and innovation

  58. Supply chain management

  59. Social Media & Business

  1. History
  2. Economics
  3. Geography
  4. Political Science
  5. English
  6. Sociology
  7. Philosophy
  8. Music
  9. Human Rights and Gender Studies
  10. Informatics Practices
  11. Public Administration
  12. Home Science
  13. Legal Studies
  14. Mass Media Studies
  15. Entrepreneurship
  16. Physical Education
  17. Fashion Studies
  18. Fine Arts
  19. Physics
  20. Chemistry
  21. Mathematics
  22. Biology
  23. Computer Science
  24. Nursing
  25. Geology
  26. Electronics
  27. Biotechnology
  28. Microbiology
  29. Agriculture
  30. Horticulture
  31. Nutrition and Dietetics
  32. Zoology
  33. Home Science
  34. Forensic Science
  35. Statistics
  36. Systems Theory
  37.  Decision theory
  38. Theoetical computer science
  39. Animal Science
  40. Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
  41. Food Science
  42. Genetics & Genomics
  43. Physiology
  44. Poultry Science
  45. Public & Environmental Health
  46. Toxicology
  47. Veterinary Medicine
  48. Law
  49. Linguistics
  50. Political Science
  51. Psychology
  52. Public Administration
  53. Social Work
  54. Sociology
  55. Psychology
  56. Communication & Media
  57. Religious Studies
  58. Home Science
  59. Natural Resources
  60. Ecology 
  61. Sustainable Agriculture
  62. Waste Management


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  • Dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Original and novel idea for research.
  • Experts will be appointed according to your academic discipline.
  • Skilled to deliver fast and perfect service with Academic standards.
  • Assured plagiarism free contents with publication ethics.
  • Experienced in publishing articles in journals and conference of publishers like IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, Acm, Taylor and Francis, National, International, Scopus etc.
  • 24×7 online progress tracking.
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