Research Services Offered

We provide global education consulting services to wide range of universities across the globe based on the client’s desire. Based on the client/scholar’s profile our consultancy services would enable clients make best career choice based on the requirement. We scrutinize client’s potential in pursuing the degree, their passion towards the subject, relationship with guide and of course university requirements. Our up to date information includes admission criteria, rate of acceptance, expectations of admission committee and details of supervisors. We also provide consultation support for choosing supervisor. Our expert team guides scholars for choosing a research topic that is unique, innovative, suitable for your chosen line of study and most importantly, holds the interest of the researcher. We have access to multiple research databases that help us in reviewing massive literature. This advantage trickles down to a credible PhD Topic Selection Service provide by our experts.  Recognizing the challenging needs of reviewing vast literature. We have the PhD experts to review the literature in context to research study and developing the section of dissertation review in detail. We have decades of experience in rendering literature review content to the needy clients in all the disciplines of dissertation research. Our team of PhD experts will carry out an extensive review of contextual published research on relevant theoretical concepts or models on which you intend to base your dissertation. 

It can be mind boggling for a first time research scholar to decide a topic that is worthy of getting covered in your thesis or dissertation. While you may be clear about your area of interest, pin pointing the exact aspect of the subject that you want to study in detail is difficult. This is where we step in. Our counsellors offering Thesis topic assistance services work closely with scholars to shortlist topics with a long term viewpoint. Here are the steps that we follow: 


  • Broad List: We start with making a general list of PhD thesis topic ideas after you have shared with us your      chosen subject. For example, if you are going to do research in the field of realistic vs. sensational news reporting, you can look at political, financial or feature stories. Depending on your keenness, we will present a list of about 10-15 topics.
  • Study Trends: For this, we analyze journal papers published in recent times that are related to your topic, as well as study reports in other sources. Our consultants delivering thesis topic selection services ascertain which aspect of the subject will be most beneficial to you in future, considering your career growth.
  • Short List: According to the trends and scope, we shortlist a few topics. The second list will have a maximum of five topics.
  • Viability Study: We go on to do feasibility study for all the shortlisted topics. In this stage, we consider the resources available for research (literature, data), approximate time required for study, expense to be incurred (to acquire resources/permissions) and any hassles that  can face.
  • Finalise PhD Thesis Topic Ideas: The topic which seems to be the most doable one, according to our viability study, is chosen as the thesis topic. A final review of the topic is done to reconfirm its suitability.

Research proposal is the most important document for any researcher to start and execute the research. But clients will have no idea on how to write this proposal. Here comes the Research proposal writing services for PhD research candidates. Our PhD research proposal writing services gives you complete insights about how to start a well-structured research. Think and act now. You should have a good start for your PhD research because ‘A good start is half done’. When you complete your PhD doctorate research proposal successfully, you can surely get a confidence in your PhD doctorate thesis writing. PhD doctoral research proposal services rendered by our PhD research proposal writing help expertise is well aware of the importance of PhD Research Proposal The proposal for your thesis is just what the name says. It must propose your research work in the best possible manner. If you are not able to put an outstanding proposal in front of your supervisor or the thesis committee, then the research work may not be approved at all. At commencement of research, your synopsis will be pithy; however, as the study advances, you will have to add more details to this document. The length of synopsis may vary between three to five pages.

 An effective thesis synopsis must contain the following:


  • Introduction: The synopsis starts with mentioning the rationale of the study. It forms the foundation for the thesis statement.
  • Objectives: The motive of the study is mentioned in the ‘objectives’ chapter. This is the basis for the research question of your thesis. You must state the problem that you seek to solve, along with some hint about probable solution.
  • Literature Review: The material that you have studied so far, as well as shortlisted books and journals will be listed in this section. Our writers delivering providing PhD thesis proposal writing service aim to include at least 50 academic references in the literature review.
  • Methodology/ Research design: Here, you must explain why you have chosen the methodology, how it will help to attain desired result, how you will collect data and analyse it and what analytical tools you will use.
  • Time Outline: The proposal must give a chronological outline of the thesis too. You must have a plan for the deadlines for various chapters. Without this time based approach you may never finish the document.
  • Bibliography: Lastly, you must present all the resources that you have used for writing the synopsis in a structured manner.

The communication of technical information in writing is essential to the success of many research projects and the publications they generate. Great ideas only become successful products if clear proposals demonstrating the practicality and economic feasibility of those ideas are written and presented. One of the most challenging aspects of technical writing is the need to express complex ideas in simple terms that can be readily understood by those who have very little time to read technical documents and are not specialists in the relevant subject areas. They are experts in the English language as well as highly educated specialists in a wide range of technical fields. We render our service model towards offering well written ideologies, research concepts, protocols and pseudo codes par with International standard. Professionals and experts of respective domains handle and manage the documents to reach refereed periodicals of reputed universities, institutes and their associates. 

Our esteemed services ensure successful implementation of innovative ideologies of our clients in the area of Engineering, Science and Technology. Mentor Thesis mainly intends to serve our clients on maximizing throughput of their products, research concepts, inspirational ideologies and all cutting edge technologies. This platform oriented service focuses only on precision and outcome. The development platform can be from all sought of low level languages to high level languages, further extended towards research oriented and application platforms. Our diversified services on development are highly supported by our sophisticated laboratory setup, resource availabilities and accessing provisions. We assist PhD candidates for developing algorithm, implementation plan, selecting base paper(s) and formulating a formal problem statement. We assist candidates from the field of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science for software implementation of their research projects. Some of the software’s in which we help include Matlab, NS2, NS3, QualNet, Simulink, ANSYS, LabView, Java, Hadoop, Weka, Cloudism Xilinx, Cadence and many others. 

A research paper, published in a reputed journal paves the surest way to academic as well as professional success for a research scholar. However, this path is not easy to progress, as it is strewn with challenges. Sometimes, you may be stuck at the writing stage, especially if it is your first paper. At other times, the paper may be rejected by publishers for faults that you are not aware of. As the task of writing and publishing a research paper takes years to accomplish, it is sensible to avail the help of professional guides providing journal paper publication support in India to ensure success in your first attempt. 

Language Editing and Proof Reading 

At Mentor Thesis, we offer English language editing services for researchers and various faculty members (including professors) for publication, thesis, and dissertation and also for presentation. Whether you are submitting a 300-word abstract or a 50,000-word thesis, our staff specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality. 

Illustration & Journal Formatting

 The impact of your research article can be significantly enhanced with the careful placement of the right graph, illustration, photograph or diagram. However this can be massively time consuming with many journals requesting specific layout and format requirements. With our Illustration service we provide you with publication ready figure files, set to the correct size, resolution and layout to suit the specific journal you are submitting your research to. Our skilled formatters will ensure that your manuscript and references are formatted according to the style guide of your target journal. adjust the citations, references, and layout of the document to the correct conventions. All figures and tables are moved to the correct location in the manuscript, and figure titles and legends are standardized according to your journal’s specifications. We will also check the accuracy of your references and ensure that your title, running head, abstract, main text, and figure legends comply with the journal’s word count restrictions. 

Plagiarism Check & Correction

In Mentor Thesis, we offer a Plagiarism Checker in which a Clients can submit the papers (either in Microsoft Word or other common file formats), and the instructor receives an originality report showing possible matches between the submitted paper and internet resources. It is important to note that the presence of the plagiarism in the research paper indicates the replication of the document with the works of another author. Here at Mentor Thesis, our technical writing team provides customized non-plagiarized research papers to the scholars. Mentor Thesis helps to detect plagiarism and provide plagiarism free writing services. All our presentations are duly tested for evidence of plagiarism before final submissions to our esteemed clients. Suspect papers are duly revised or edited in order to meet our robust originality and non plagiarized needs.


  • Prepare a list of target journals according to your field of study, including impact factor journals
  • Find out the guidelines of the journals and help you adhere to them through our editorial service
  • As we are aware of the time of publication of different journals, our team offering research paper publication support help you plan your work in order to submit the paper in time.
  • Draft an impressive cover letter, as well as help you prepare the abstract that is viewed by the editors before reading the entire paper. This will create a positive note for your research.
  • Experts offer research paper writing service help you get the best resources for the paper. A commendable reference list and proper citations go a long way in getting your paper accepted.
  • The technical aspects are checked by our counsellors and statisticians, to help you pass the primary stage of publishing.
  • In case your paper is returned with comments for corrections, we help you revise the paper as per suggestions of the editors and resubmit it

The toughest part of a doctoral course is writing a thesis. Since timely submission of thesis and its quality is so critical to getting the degree, it is highly recommended that scholars avail expert guidance. We at Thesis India offers the best in class thesis writing assistance in the most ethical manner. Our writers offering PhD thesis writing services in India, guide the scholars to prepare the framework flawlessly for thesis chapters. Then the scholars develop the chapters, taking regular feedbacks from the writers. Hence, it is the researchers’ ideas and thoughts that go in to preparing the thesis. 

A thesis statement is usually a short statement, written to explain an essay or a dissertation. While a dissertation is often based on previous researches, thesis are usually done at a higher level of study, and mainly, it is an original piece of work with no previous research on it. This makes it very difficult to write for clients. Our writers are however very experienced in handling thesis as they have many years in the writing professional. This thesis writing services are of a very high quality, ensuring that you have a quality thesis and customized as per your needs. Our thesis writing service follow the standardized thesis formats unless otherwise stated. 

 Some of the guidelines that we follow for PhD thesis writing are as follows:  



  • Formatting rules: Our PhD thesis writers providing PhD thesis writing services in India are familiar with various formatting guidelines and they ensure that the font style and size, margins, spacing, etc. are according to rules. They also check the illustrations, tables and graphs, place them suitably and give references for them in the text.
  • Language and Grammar: Perfect academic language is followed for writing theses. Technical terms are double checked for spelling. Grammar and tense are also as per the university standards.
  • Authenticity: Every fact and figure that is used in the thesis must be accurate. The writers ensure that only original ideas of the scholars are presented in the thesis. They check the authenticity of all statements projected as well as results.
  • Citation: There is absolutely zero plagiarism that our writers prepare. Apart from all the writing being original, our team also gives appropriate citations for the text used from other sources. The citations are as per the editorial style being followed.
  • Punctuality: Since PhD theses are lengthy documents, it is important to write in a planned manner to finish them timely. Our writers maintain speed as well as accuracy. 

The statistical chapter of the thesis is always the biggest hurdle to cross. We at Thesis India offer PhD data analysis help are perfectly armed to help you fight this challenge. Most of the statistical analysis for research is done using a tool named SPSS or Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The correct use of SPSS Statistics tool can be difficult for first time users, because you need to learn how exactly to enter the data, what tests to run using SPSS, and most importantly, how to interpret the results page or the analysis done by SPSS. The SPSS assistance offered by our team of statisticians providing PHD statistics help in India has the following advantages: 

Once your thesis has been written, it will proceed to the next essential stage of editing and proofreading. Every academic document needs to be edited with caution, because there can be some mistakes which the writer has overlooked. In spite of the researcher being efficient and careful, there can be some mistakes simply due to lack of time or magnitude of the task. We extend thesis editing and proofreading service to ensure that thesis is completely flawless when being submitted for evaluation.

The task of a research scholar does not end with completion of thesis. After you have handed over the thesis to your supervisor, it is expected that he will suggest some changes in it. Whatever may be the reason for such changes, you will have to revise the thesis to match the expectations of the guide and standards of your university. We assist you in this excruciating task of reworking on the tediously verbose document. In some cases, the changes may be cosmetic and can be finished in a day or two. In other cases, when the core parts of the thesis need to be corrected, the authors will work from scratch. 

We support you apply for the grants that have the best chance of getting, prepare proposal that best suits the funding objective, verify that the proposal contains full and correct information and assist you to present your research in a professional way. 

We provide the support you need to take your research through the submission process, seamlessly and stress-free. We’ll also submit your manuscript on your behalf. Simply let us know where you want to publish and we’ll do the rest. The success in all our research oriented efforts can be said as achieved, only when the outcomes are published in leading scientific periodicals and Journals. Our clients greatly enjoy these accomplishments through our services. We are keen to know the publishing requirements of our clients and hence, we concentrate on their research contribution to further map it with their requirements.

Editing The Synopsis

Even though the synopsis is presented before the actual thesis, it is very much a part of your research study and must follow all guidelines regarding language, formatting, citations, etc. Hence, we also offer proposal editing service. During editing, we check whether the references you have included are meaningful, objectives are presented clearly, literature review is complete and citations done correctly. Definitely we will do a thorough check of language, spellings and formatting.

Writing Assistance

Even though the synopsis is presented before the actual thesis, it is very much a part of your research study and must follow all guidelines regarding language, formatting, citations, etc. Hence, we also offer proposal editing service. During editing, we check whether the references you have included are meaningful, objectives are presented clearly, literature review is complete and citations done correctly. Definitely we will do a thorough check of language, spellings and formatting.

Express Topic Selection

In case you need a thesis topic within a day or two, then also you don’t need to get worried. Instead of following our entire process in detail, we fast forward the work. We have a ready list of topics for reference from a wide gamut of subjects, and you can pick up any of them, depending on your interest. Our team providing PhD thesis topic selection services do a quick viability test and get the topic approved from your thesis supervisor. 

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